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Yemaya: ‘We Are Here Because You Were There’

Media performance art collaboration presented at the 10th year finale of the ONE STEP BEYOND party series at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC.

Featuring conceptual design/sculpture series by Yelaine Rodriguez.

Concept and Costume Design – Yelaine Rodriguez
Live Video Projection Visuals – Melanie Gonzalez Art
Performer – Dada Coz
Media Design – Benton C Bainbridge
Makeup Artistry – Laura Moya Beauty

Film produced by MG Art Studios:

Director / Editor
Melanie Gonzalez

Mr. Ayobe

Realtime Image Processing Remix
Benton C Bainbridge

Additional Image Processing
Enayet Kabir

Consulting Editors
Pablo Gonzalez
Jacqui Kuraj

Sound Design
Pablo Gonzalez

Engineering / Mixing
Bars Young Black

“Beacon Demo” – Val Inc.

Installation performed at:
ONE STEP BEYOND with TOKiMONSTA, Obey City, and Photay | Friday, June 9, 2017.

(@yelaineartspace), (@bentoncbainbridge), (@dadacozdadacoz), (@lauramoyabeauty), (@mr.ayobe), (@melanokis)