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The Point | Call for Art – For Oct 23rd Exhibition at The Art Container – DEADLINE: September 21st

Springing from the ongoing vision of THE POINT‘s mission to infiltrate social and environmental justice actions with great art, this call is for works that explore human relationships with all the other creatures: ANIMALS, PLANTS, INSECTS, FISHES, MOLLUSKS, and on…

The exhibition will celebrate THE POINT’s 21st Anniversary and NOCD-NY (Natural Occurring Cultural Districts) a city-wide working group that believes that art from the ground-up can change the world. Their city-wide and day long forum hosted by THE POINT will lead up to the opening of the exhibit and the birthday party at the POINT’s Campus. Opening Date, Friday, October 23rd.

Works submitted should exhibit some relationship to our wilderness, urban or otherwise, and how we can preserve it.

Submit up to 5 jpegs of proposed work by September 21st to –
Carey Clark, Visual Arts Director or contact (917) 822-4853