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Nov 6 – Dec 6 | BxArts Factory – BORI-CUBA 2X2 Group Exhibition with Alejandro Epifanio, Josue Guarionex Colon-Rosado, Juanita Lanzo, and Luis Stephenberg

BORI-CUBA 2X2 Presented by BxArts Factory

Curated by Alexis Mendoza and Miguel Trelles

On view November 6th to December 6th 2015
Opening reception, Friday, November 6, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

at Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center, 107 Suffolk St, New York, NY

Alejandro Epifanio, Josue Guarionex Colon-Rosado, Juanita Lanzo, Luis Stephenberg, Alicia Leal, Annex Burgos, Carlos Mateu, Clara Morera, Diogenes Ballester, Elizam Escobar, Frank Guiller, Ibrahim Miranda, Ivelisse Jimenez, Jesus Rivera, Juan Fernando Morales, Juan Si Gonzalez, Juana Valdes, Lissette Solorzano, MarcosDimas, Maria Dominguez, Nelson Alvarez, Nestor Otero, Nitza Tufino, Rafael Velez, Raul Villarreal, Renelio Marin

BORI-CUBA 2X2 seeks to provide an overview of how visual artists in two contemporary Caribbean cultures, Cuba and Puerto Rico, address the continuous dialogue between island and diaspora. For different reasons, a sizable sector of both islands’ populations has become diasporic, and the ongoing dialogue between both sectors has come to define their identities. It has been repeatedly said that both islands are “wings of the same bird” or mirror images of each other. To begin with, they share a strong Taino strand in their pre-Columbian history and a common Spanish colonial heritage.

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