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Nov 1 – Dec 10 | Wall Works Gallery – POINT. FOCUS. CLICK. Group Photography Exhibition

WALLWORKS NEW YORK – POINT. FOCUS. CLICK. Group Photography Exhibition

November 1 – December 10

For our second soft opening at WALLWORKS, we asked a very varied group of photographers to showcase some works. The question from each one was “What do you want us to show?” The question was simple – “what ever YOU want to show.” And so the theme of the show came about. Most of the photographs on display are subjects that these photographers are not necessarily known for. It was a chance for them to show something personal, something different, and the passion is evident in the work they all chose. From Martha Cooper displaying a series she has been working on since 2006, to Ricky Flores’ thoughtful installation of family-style photographs. The photographers in the show were given free reign over what they wanted to show, the result is great.

There is also a great mix between photographers based in the Bronx, photographers who use the Bronx as their subject matter, and photographers from all over New York that can be introduced to the audience of the neighborhood in the Bronx. And part of the fun is seeing how it doesn’t matter where each photographer comes from – there is something to connect to in each photograph in the exhibition.

The photographers showcased in POINT. FOCUS. CLICK. are:

Henry Chalfant

David Gonzalez

Lisa Kahane

Logan Hicks

Annie Leibovitz

Francisco Reyes II

Martha Cooper


Sue Kwon

Ricky Flores


Joe Conzo

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