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Nicolás Dumit Estevez, Manuel Acevedo – Launching “Crossfire” with El Museo del Barrio

CROSSFIRE: Artist Interviews

Participating Artists:
Manuel Acevedo, Maris Bustamante, Papo Colo, Javier Hinojosa, Jessica Kairé, Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, and Quintín Rivera Toro.

Nicolás Dumit Estévez asked artists in Playing with Fire to interview each other as well as to engage with him in Q and A’s dealing with their specific contributions to the exhibition or with their art practice in general. These exchanges aim to spark conversations, debates, and to plant a seed for potential collaborations between the participants. During the last seven years, Estévez has received mentorship in art and everyday life from Linda Mary Montano, a leading figure in the performance art field and a pioneer of the Q and A format within the arts. For example, see Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties published by University of California Press.

Crossfire was conceived and edited by Nicolás Dumit Estévez.
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