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Natural Phenomenon | Natalie C Wood Solo Exhibition at Andrew Freedman Home

The Andrew Freedman Home is pleased to present Natural Phenomenon, Natalie Collette Wood’s second solo exhibition at the Andrew Freedman Home. A reception will be held at the gallery on Friday, July 13, 2018, from 6-8 PM.

Natural Phenomenon presents a two-part exhibition investigating the intimate relationship between home, nature, and spiritual environments through painting, collage, sculpture, and outdoor installation. Natural disasters, climate change, and the sublime force that is nature present a starting point from where the work departs. Futuristic universes are created first through drawings and collages and then transformed into large-scale mix media paintings and installations. Rooted in a dialog between alternate realities that reorient our understanding of the world around us, the work is inspired by the natural world, magic, and extra-sensory perception to create new worlds that are falling apart through their own facades.

The first part of the exhibition, entitled The Garden of Hallucinatory Delights, is installed on the front lawn of the Andrew Freedman Home. The work includes a series of thirteen sculptures that present an abandoned dining room landscape that has been swallowed by nature. Wood’s work references past worlds as well as the rich history of the Andrew Freedman Home. Succulents, moss, and air plants cover furniture found at the Andrew Freedman Home to create a space where history, home, and nature dance.

The second part of the exhibition includes a series of paintings referencing psychedelic dreamscapes inspired by memories from the artist’s childhood growing up in Las Vegas. Childhood memories act as a springboard to examine the cohabitation between nature and urban environments. Wood’s work creates haunting spaces by pairing interior structures within chaotic landscapes to create disorientating and fragmented environments that reflect the skewed way in which memory and history function. Wood creates psychologically charged spaces that don’t quite make sense and then become disorientating and disjointed to the viewer. By creating and then deconstructing existing realties, Wood creates new worlds that are in a state of constant change. Natural Phenomenon explores how urban and natural spaces interact and cohabitate together while celebrating the psychological and ever changing dimensions of memory and physical space.

For more information, contact Natalie Collette Wood at 646-359-5605,