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May 21 | Michele Brody – School Mural Dedication

What: School Mural Dedication

Where: South Bronx Preparatory, 360 East 145th Street (entrance on E 144th) Bronx NY, 10452, (718) 292-2211

When: Thursday May 21, 2015 from 10:00am to 12:00pm

South Bronx Students paint their say in new murals for their school.

Teaching Artist Michele Brody has worked for 2 years with the Eighth grade classes at I.S. 221 South Bronx Preparatory to create unique murals for the school’s entrance lobby, through the Town Hall Foundation. Over 90 students worked throughout each school year with Ms. Brody in collaboration with classroom teachers to implement a basic design course in preparation for creating a permanent mural for their school.

This year’s class focused on painting their personal logos on 4″ x 4″ squares, which serve as a frame for their individually chosen NYC Landmark in either Manhattan or The Bronx. The students wrote a research paper about over 80 NYC Landmarks, which they then painted for their mural. The result is a group mural made up of each individual’s unique style of painting unified by the map of New York City. This new mural was hung over the weekend above the entrance to the gym, and will be dedicated through a series of presentations to last year’s Eighth grade students as they share and critique each others projects on Thursday May 21st.

Last year’s eighth graders, who have been studying art with the High School’s Art Teacher Virginia Jose, created a quilted mural made up of 8″ x 8″ square mandalas derived from the their initials or interests.

Ms. Brody is extremely proud of her students’ murals and would love to share them with the rest of the community as they move onto High School and beyond with a sense of pride as they leave their mark on South Bronx Preparatory.

Contact: Michele Brody