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June, Sept & Oct | Nicolás Dumit Estévez – PLAY DATE

Performance artist NICOLÁS DUMIT ESTÉVEZ invites you to join him for a Play Date in St. Mary’s Park!

June, Sept and October 2015

You are invited to slide down with me from the very top of the iconic rock that crowns Saint Mary’s Park in the South Bronx.

If interested:

We agree on a specific date and time to meet near the Hub.

We wear comfortable clothes to join the throng of children who with their constant interactions have polished the surface of the rock to a shiny finish.

If you can’t climb steep surfaces, we find other ways to engage together with the rock.

We forget about time, cell phones, professional conventions, and hence allow play, just play to free form our action.

We record our date through a photograph taken by a park visitor.

To participate e-mail:

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